Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Adorable Little Boy

So I know that I haven't posted a bunch about Mr. Seth lately, so here is my attempt at an update. We went to the doctors the other day, he said that he is looking great. He weighs 13 pounds 10 ounces, he is 25 inches long, and his head is 40 cm. He is so funny, he squeals and talks all day...well at least when he's awake. he is starting to try and roll over, although he doesn't get much practice time because his sister thinks that sitting on him is a good thing. He LOVES to sit up. If you try and lay him down he will do constant crunches trying to sit himself up. He is eating well, he takes his bottle and we have just started him on rice cereal and baby food. He likes bananas although the first bite is always accompanied by a funny face. He had sweet potatoes for dinner tonight and had no problem wolfing them down. Here's some pics we took of him while Savannah was playing at the park.

Going to the Park

Today my little girl found the joy in slides. I have taken her to the park here in our neighborhood several times and she has gone down the slide, but ONLY if I helped her. Today she did it on her own and actually enjoyed it. She would climb up the stairs and slide down, over and over. It was fun to watch. She's so funny when she is up on the playscapes though. She kinda just scoots her feet, I guess she is afraid of falling or something....I don't know.

Water Fun

I must say that I am more than happy that my daughter has inherited my love for the water. She's already a fish and she hasn't even gotten to be in a pool much. We went to the park at the shopping center across the street and had a great night. We ended our play time with a few minutes playing in the water feature there.

She is such a nut....she was drinking the water! Goofball!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's Mission

We had some free time this past weekend, so we decided to head up to Georgetown and bug the grandparents. They have been called on a two year service mission, they are serving in the new Bishop's storehouse/cannery here in Round Rock.

Orson hadn't gotten a chance to see it yet, so we packed up the kids and went to visit. Savannah had a great time "helping" out. I think she would be a great asset, I'm gonna attach this video to her resume in the years to come. "Warehouse trained at a very young age." She really did have fun though. Phil and KaeLynn have really done a great job getting it all set-up. They only have a few more days until it officially opens on the 17th.

A toy?

So Savannah is full of crazy "games" after we went grocery shopping last week, she decided to play with the bag of course instead of her millions of toys. She's so cute, but such a big goober.

Seriously...why do we continue to buy toys....boxes and bags of any sort are WAY cooler.
When will parents ever learn?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

If only.....

So I seriously found our dream property.....this area is amazing. We went out to Branson last May and Orson fell in love with the land there. This house is HUGE, and amazingly well priced for what it offers, I feel. Now for the ever present phrase....."if only we had the money." Maybe my mom will buy 3/4 of it, and Orson and I will buy the rest. Anyone else want in on the deal. I'm sure we could all fit happily.