Sunday, September 28, 2008

Goin' Bannanas

Yesterday, we decided to take a fun family day out and about. We checked out this indoor playnasium called Goin' Bannanas. It's free for kids under a year, so I figured that even if it was way above her level, we weren't out anything. They have a little toddler area with tons of toys for the kids to play with, and it's only for kids under 2 so you don't have to worry about them getting trampled. The majority of the place is full of inflatables of all sorts. They even had one that was for kids under 3, it was really cute. It had no roof, so you could always spot your child. It had about 6 different emergency vehicles for the kids to crawl on, over, and through. At first Savannah wasn't sure about the bounce house, but after a few seconds she had fun. She really had a blast watching the older kids jump all over the place. She would just sit and laugh at them. Here are some videos and pictures from the outing.

Friday, September 26, 2008

First Toddler Casualty

So as Savannah is experimenting with her newfound freedom with mobility, ie; walking or really just wobbling, keeping track of her is a joke. Today she decided that she wanted to play in the bathroom, which of course usually has the door shut. Anyway she went in and took the TV remote toilet swimming.....yeah for curiosity. Can't wait to see what she does next.

A list of her newfound talents:
taking 5 or 6 steps at a time
climbing up on the couches
crawling up and down the stairs
opening and shutting cabinets
eating everything she finds
drinking out of a straw
actually chewing with her 6 teeth

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What do you think so far?

So I started working on Savannah's birthday invites and want to know what you think so far. Katie...that means you...especially because I am thinking about using Heritage Makers. Anyway I am still looking for a recent pic to put on the right but give me some input thus far. I need it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

WOW....this is cool

Just a quick post because I think that this is amazing! Disneyland is offering free admission to either of their parks on your birthday in 2009--you have to register and then bring your ID or birth certificate on your bday but I think that this is great. And if you're an annual passholder they give you a gift card to spend in the park! I have never seen them do this before....I'm I just need to figure out how to get to Disney World next August. Here is where you can register. Seriously if there is anyway you can take advantage of this I highly recommend it.

Monday, September 15, 2008


These were taken at IKEA... we were shopping with Desi. This sink was so huge, we had to prove it. Aren't they just cute?

Mom and I had been out shopping looking for snow suits for the kiddos when we go to Utah, and these were our bargain deals. What do you think. This one is cute b/c it has a little dangling star atop the hat.

This next one if obviously more girlie. I think it makes her look like a pink marshmallow.

David's First Birthday

So these were taken back in July, but I hadn't posted them, so here you go. David got this really cute Zebra from his parent's, all the three babies thought it was the coolest thing ever. They all fought over it.

The three cousins with matching outfits.

This was her first experience with a balloon, and as you can see, I think she liked it. I just thought it was adorable the way her eyes were closed.

A Pictorial Update #1

So you got to read the drama of August. Now here are some images to accompany it. This first set was taken at Heritage Park in Cerritos, CA. This is one of my favorite places to photograph. There are just so many different options, unfortunately you won't be able to tell that b/c my daughter was being a poppy head and she didn't want to take pictures. This first one is the only one we have of her smiling.

She just wanted out....

See, I told you that she didn't want to take pictures that day.

She thinks she is a big girl now. She is so excited when she walks its funny.

My friend Susan was playing with her camera settings, I think she actually did this color accent by mistake.

Don't you just love the background...that little water wheel is awesome.

This is just us playing with the camera settings, trying to freeze the water.

I think she thought she was in jail...silly girl!

Just checkin out the settings.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Cold Stone Ice Cream

Hey there all you ice cream loving friends.....October 25th Cold Stone if hosting their 7th Annual World’s Largest Ice Cream Social benefiting Make-a-Wish. Two wish kids created their own special creations that will be featured that night. BE sure to take a few minutes and enjoy some ice cream while supporting Make-a-Wish.

Reflections of Christ

For those of you readers who got the chance to come see our production of "The Savior of the World", you also saw at intermission a video called "Reflections of Christ." This is a slide show of photography put together by Mark Mabry. They are a collection of photos which depict events from Christ's life. I was amazed and overwhelmed when I first saw it, and even with each subsequent viewing I am still touched by it's power. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that it is going to be released in hardback on It isn't available for purchase until October 25th, but you can pre-order it now. If you haven't seen it please go to his website and check it out, and if you have seen it I definitely think this is a book worthy of adding to your collection.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Frockly T-Shirt Giveaway

Frockly T-Shirt Giveaway

For all you BYU fans....check this out.

Update on August

Well, as you can see, I have been really bad at keeping this updated lately, but I will say that August was crazy busy. The month started with The Savior of the World Production. The first weekend were our actual show dates. It was amazing and the kids were incredible. They are supposed to have the DVD ready soon and it might even be shown here in Austin on public access TV. That would be awesome. I'll keep you posted.

On Saturday the 2nd, my mom flew into town to see the show and spend some time with us. It literally took me all summer to convince her to come out. She called me the Sunday before and told us she was flying out, at which point my wonderful husband saw the price of flights and sent me back to CA with her when she went. Mom spent three weeks here in Austin. We didn't ever really stop I think. Well maybe the first few days she was here, but only because I was totally wiped from the show. We spent lots of time shopping for clothes for our big family trip in November to Park City, UT. We also got Seth a few outfits, so that he doesn't have to wear Savannah's girlie clothes when he gets here. We attacked my mile long to-do list, spent time visiting with my brother Christopher who was up in Waco on business. He was nice enough to set up a tour of Marine One...I got some really cute pics of Savannah and the chopper. She even got to sit in the President's seat, although I promptly picked her up when she tried to drink his water bottle. We had a great visit that ended of course with a trip to stock on Sugar Cane Dr. Pepper at the Dr. Pepper Museum, it's tradition. While she was here we convinced mom that she was going to retire, and move here to the Austin area. We spent about a week straight looking at different home builders, and different communities. Man, I had it down. We had looked at so many layouts, that I could walk into a builder and tell you in about five seconds if what they offered was gonna meet her needs. All the sales people just kinda looked at me funny. When all was said and done she decided to go with the Marshall II built by Ryland Homes, in the community of The Estates at Whispering Hollow. That subdivision is in Buda, and at the moment it is part of our ward. If you want to follow the progress of mom's new house, I have set up a blog for her.

We left for California on the 22nd, and spent the next two weeks visiting with friends and family, but mostly working on getting things cleared out of mom's house so she can sell it. The for sale signs go up tomorrow. I had a get time surprising my BF Jessi at the airport, she thought that she was just picking up my mom.'s was the best! We stopped on the way home and had dinner at Red Chile, the best mexican little hole in the way I know. When we got home we put Savannah to bed and Jess and I hit the pool. Man, mom and done some serious work on it. The light actually worked and the water was blue. AMAZING! (LOL!!! For those of your who grew up at my house, you understand the shock!) Warren, Beth and the kiddos came down Saturday and we got to just hang out. I love it when we get all the kids together. Erick and Savannah played so well together, and Aurora just loved to be the "mom" to both of them. They are all growing so fast. Monday 25th was a water day with friends, Cindy brought her kids over, and the whole group had a blast. Thursday the 28th, we went up to Burbank and visited my Aunt Chris and Uncle Wayne, and also got a few minutes in with my sister Cheryl. Then it was off to the airport to pick up my mission companion, Susan. I guilt-tripped her into flying out form Vegas for the weekend. Friday the 29th, Susan and I went to Sea World with my brother and his family. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect and surprisingly it wasn't too crowded. They were also demoing this new option called "dinne all day," you pay $30 for a wristband and all day long you can go into any of their sit-down restraunts and get something to eat. I think we all got our money's worth that day. Their food was so good. Saturday the 30th, Susan and I worked our butts off cleaning the backyard, and shopping for my 30th b-day party. It was HOT! Sunday was my birthday. We went to church that morning and then came home to have a party at the house. We got catered Panda Express for lunch and dinner; Orange Chicken, Bejeing Beef, Fried Rice, and Chow Mein, Yummy! The way everyone showed up was kinda cool. At about noon, my cousins Amber and Jason and their families came and hung out for a few hours. Then after they had left, some of my friends from the ward showed up and then a little later my friends from work came over. So it was kinda nice because at the hostess I didn't feel pulled in any direction. I got to spend time with everyone just relaxing and having fun. The party went on till about 8 pm, and then most everyone left. My friend Orie, and her fam were still there and we decided to watch a movie. Although being me, I couldn't just put it in the VCR. I kidnapped mom's projector and laptop and set it up out back. I projected the movie, Pursuit of Happyness, up on the second story wall of my mom's house. We set up all of our lawn chairs and had a fab night watching a movie under the stars. Man, I would so make a permanent set-up like that, it was so much fun. Anyway, Labor Day Jess, Susan and I spent the morning pampering ourselves with pedicures, then it was off to the airport to sent Susan home. :-( Mom, started work Tuesday. Savannah and I stopped by in the afternoon to say Hi to all our Fishburn friends and then we kidnapped mom and took her home. Wednesday night was girls night for Jess and I, we went to Olive Garden for dinner (yeah for never ending pasta bowls) and then spent the rest of the evening at Nickel! Nickel! our favorite arcade. After thirty dollars, and two hours of playing, and 4000 tickets we chose a Dodger teddy bear as a momento of the evening. He is now Jessi's new driving buddy, he sits in her windshield. Thursday I was lucky enough to get in a photography session with my friend Jill Peterson. She is an amazing photographer...if I lived closer I would really be broke b/c I would be at her studio all the time. I think she got some great images, I can't wait to see them. Thursday night Cindy came over and we had a girls night. We ran some shopping errands to get her kids ready for school, adn then she introduced me to BJ's and the beauty of their famous Pizookie. Which by the way tasted even better b/c it was free for my b-day! Cindy dropped me off at home and it was time to start packing. Friday in itself was nuts. We got to the Long Beach airport at 9am for our 10am flight. We got all checked in and were told that there was a 2 hour delay, so I went up to the restraunt and got breakfast at which point I checked online and there was actually a 4 hour delay. YIPPEE! Try entertaining a 10 month old for 5 hours in the airport. It was interesting. When it was tiem to board, the lady working the check-in gate moved me to an empty row and let me take on my infant carrier. Thanksfully with Savannah strapped in her seat next to me, she did beautiful. She only slept for about a half and hour, but she wasn't overly fussy the rest of the time. THANK GOODNESS! Orson picked us up at about 7pm and took us to dinner at BJ's where I introduced him to the beauty of BJ's pizza and free b-day Pizookies. Back to normal life. WHEW!!! I'm tired! I'll post pics as I got them, some are in CA on my mom's laptop. Sorry.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bedding....what do you think?

So we were at Babies R Us tonight getting some locks for the cupboards and I saw two really cute sets.

What do you think?