Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Road to Utah

The Road to Utah is not such a such jaunt, and many times during the trip my husband and I found ourselves asking each other if we were crazy or not. All in all considering that we were traveling with a one year old and one month old things were pretty uneventful. The trip started out with Seth puking all over his only blanket. For some reason during the trip he spit up all over just about every feeding. Fun Times! We decided to go through Lubbock, Albuquerque, Moab, and then onto Park City. The roads were fairly clear and easy to travel. We left on Wednesday the 19th of November and drive to Albuquerque a fabulous...16 hours. We stopped three times for food and rest. I an seriously grateful for the invention of portable DVD players, it was our saving grace on the trip and helped keep my little Savannah entertained.

Thursday was another long day, we drove all the way to Provo...14 hours. On our way we were able to see come really cool things. One of the quick stops was at the Monticello Temple.

She was excited to be at the temple....or was it that she was just really excited to be out of the car. Hmm....I think I'll let you decide.

"I love to see the temple, I'll go inside someday"

This is some really cool rock, that caught my attention.

People do funny things for money. Here is an example of what I mean. Traveling finds interesting sights.

That night we were able to spend the night with Summer, my MTC companion, and her kiddos. She has a beautiful home up on the hill above BYU. I wish I would have taken some pictures of the view, both were awesome, at night and in the morning.

Park City Miner's Club

So over Thanksgiving my mom, Christopher (brother...aka Craig), Victoria (Sister-in-law) spent time with our family in Utah. We stayed at The Miners Club at the Canyons. We had a pretty great time. Although we have all decided that next time we will be sure to plan the trip during either the official summer or official winter seasons. We hit just before the winter season opened and there was not much to do in town, none of the winter stuff was open yet, and the summer stuff was closed. :-( But none the less, we found plenty to keep us entertained.

Here is a picture of the resort. Mom, Craig, and Victoria are standing on our balcony. We had a four bedroom unit which was on the 4th and 5th floor. The window behind them was our room, above them is Craig and Victoria's room. The three windows to the right of them was the living/dining room. And to the above that to the right you can see mom's bedroom window.

Here is the living room. Above the mantel the TV/DVD Player was hidden behind those wooden doors.

On the left you can see the dining area.

Somehow I didn't end up with a pic of the kitchen which I was standing in. So here is one I stole from their website.

This is a picture of the Park City Resort which was just down the road from us. As you can see there really wasn't much snow. The snow that is on the slops was man-made.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Late in the game

So I have totally been neglecting my duties on this blog lately. I figured that now that I am a full month behind I'd give you an update with a promise to post weekly at least from here on out. We have been having tons of fun since Mr. Seth arrived. The first two weeks of his life Grandma and Grandpa Anderson were here. I spent the next week packing for our trip to Utah. Then obviously we left and spent two weeks in Park City and the surrounding area. When we got home the kids and I spent the next week out visiting friends and ignoring our jobs like laundry and cleaning house. This week though, has been back to business. I have just about finished all the laundry in the house. AMAZING! I know, my husband could hardly believe it when I called him yesterday @ 2-ish and told him that I had already cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped the floor, did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned the front room. I'm sure his jaw hit the floor, and note to didn't even take that long, I might have to do it more often. I'm really bad at housework. I always find something else to do, even if that something is doing nothing. Anyway. With the holidays approaching I am now in the Holiday mode, our tree is up and hopefully today I will get the decorations on it, and put up the garland on the stairs. I am excited for Christmas, both my mom and my brother are going to be in town. Not that I didn't just spend two weeks with the both of them in Utah. We are also going to be blessing Seth the Saturday after Christmas, continuing our tradition of doing it at the house and having Panda Express for everyone. I'll post some pics from the last month soon I promise.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sibling Similarity

So like I said in the previous post, I didn't think my kids really looked alike till last night when we were looking at pictures... So I thought I would post some similar pics of the kids. I see it more in the first pic.

Savannah's first pics with Mom and Dad

Seth's first pics with Mom and Dad

Savannah's first pic alone

Seth's first pic alone

Seth First Portraits

So tonight Orson and I went up to the Lakeline mall and had Seth's portraits done. When Savannah was two weeks old, we took her to Sears and came home with a 20x20 framed print featuring 9 of our favorite images. So today it was Seth's turn to do the same thing. I think we got a ton of great images. I love is 20x20 and can't wait to see it. ( I'm sad b/c we will be on vacation when it comes in.) Although luckily for you I have the CD with all the pictures, so you can get a peek. Be forwarned....there are LOTS of pictures to see here.

Yeah yeah yeah...I know we are missing a child, we are gonna do our family pictures soon. This was just so I could match what we had done with Savannah. Until I look ed at this pic, I didn't see much resemblance between the two of them, but WOW...did this prove me wrong.

Can we just say...AMAZING!!! This is my new favorite picture....I think I might order that one in like a 16x20....seriously...I LOVE IT! He's such a great dad.

Little feet and big hands...we tried to get Savannah's hands in their but she basically said "yeah right!"

For some reason this pose just intrigues me...I did it with Savannah and I loved it so I wanted to match them. On our big 20x20 the photographer is gonna remove the mig white diaper under my hand.

Hehehehe...squishy baby! I'm so glad that he did this. I tried it with Savannah but she didn't squish half as well... Thanks Mr. Seth! Mommy is very happy now.

Doesn't he look pretty comfy, especially for being held like that in mid-air.

Baby rolls.....and he didn't even pee all over the background.....good job son!

I love me some good close ups!

I think my face loos huge, but I'm putting that aside and looking at it from someone else's point of view....not too bad... pretty adorable actually.

He looks so peaceful lying on his little white pillow.

My newest little sweet.

Not happy with all the pictures....and the posing....

Won't you just leave me ALONE!

"Okay Mom, I'll be good, just hold my hand."

Innocent little face.

Hands posed just like sister

Daddy's boy!

Like Father, Like Son

Kisses from Sister

Payback....."I can do that too"

An impromptu family pic...notice that Savannah isn't even really looking at Seth, she's only smiling because I had just thrown her up in the air. I ordered this one in black and white.

Hope that you enjoyed them, as soon as I get the wall portrait in..I'll try and take a pic of it, so you can see it.

Update on the kids growth

So both kids have survived their well baby check-up appointments yet again.

Seth was the first to go, it was his two week appointment. He was back up to 7 lbs, 12oz...not quite where the Dr. wants him to be, but I don't care because I didn't have to hear anything about supplementing with formula yet. He was only 20 1/2 inches according to their measurements. Pretty close to on target, we'll just have to keep on truckin. We will have to go in next week to double check his weight, he should definitely be back up to birth weight by then.

Savannah went in for her one year appointment yesterday and did great. She had four shots and a finger prick. She was a very big girl, and didn't throw a tantrum after the shots....she's getting so big. The Dr. also says that she is doing well..."the perfect child" is what he said. She is now 20lb 2oz, and 29 1/2 inches.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

We celebrated Halloween a couple times this week. Wednesday night we had our ward "trunk-or-treat." Everyone thought we were crazy being out only 5 days after Seth was born.

My two little ragamuffins!

Here is Savannah's Raggedy Ann costume. Her Aunt Victoria made it for her. We love it. She looks so big in it. Thanks Aunt Victoria!

Can you tell she was excited to be wearing a bonnet?

Grandma and Raggedy Ann...thanks for making my hair!

The whole look...I wish you could see her tights better, they are red and white striped.

Smiley little doll!

Here is my little version of Raggedy Andy. He's so little!

Here is Savannah with our friend Jen Sturdevant!

Here is how Seth experienced his first trunk-or-treating...look familiar?

Here she is when we first got to the church.

This is the view of her that I was used to that night. Off and running! She loves her new found freedom.

Someone at our ward Trunk-or-treat had pizza, or at least that's what my nose smelled. So Orson stopped and got Papa Murphy's on the way home. Doesn't it look awesome. That's my pizza, Orson got a pizza with chicken, artichoke, and bacon, he loved it!


Thursday is Story time at the Library. And since we had grandma and grandpa here to help us this week, I decided to take advantage of that and make sure that Savannah got to go. We switched to the older group, and I think it will be much better for her. There were so many kids there, the room was almost too small, but it was great for playtime which we do at the end of each storytime.

Bubbles are the highlight of playtime for the kiddos, I think. They all just laugh and jump around.

Grandma followed Savannah around since I'm supposed to be taking it easy. You know that it's killing me.

She loves playing with the balls although she just carries them around. We haven't mastered the skill of throwing yet, which I'm okay with b/c then I don't have to worry about flying object around the house.

Here is Seth in one of his Halloween outfits. This one Grandma and Grandpa Anderson got him. They brought it to the hospital when they brought Savannah over to meet Seth. This is one of Kae's favorite pictures of Mr. Seth.

He looks so big. I love his eyes.

Here are the two kiddos in the Halloween shirts from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. I wish I was looking at the right camera...arggg!!!!!

I love this picture of my TWO kiddos. hehehe... it seems strange to say two kiddos...They are the best! and totally adorable don't ya think?


Friday night we went trick-or-treating on our street for a little bit. The weather was kinda warm, and Savannah was tired so we didn't stay out very long. Savannah had a good time though I think. She loves to just be able to walk, or should I say RUN around.

Here is our little family on Halloween. I decided to not put Seth into his Raggedy Andy costume, he had a onsie that said, "this IS my costume." Everyone in the neighborhood loved to see him.

Here is Savannah starting to trick-or-treat. This is at our house, Grandma Anderson was passing out candy. She is so funny, she just wanted to put the candy back into the bowl.
And we are off...look at her adorable costume. Thanks Aunt Victoria, we loved the way it looked and fit! And Thanks to Grandma Anderson for helping with the hair. I thought it looked perfect, even though she kept pulling it out.

Isn't her daddy the greatest ever? They look so cute together walking down the street. Although the hand holding thing didn't last very long. She's just a tad independent...just ask her Grandpa Anderson.

She was amazed by all the inflatable things that people had in their yards. Especially this one, it had a carousel with witches inside it...she stood there watching it for a while.

It was so funny, she was walking up to this house, saw the door and stopped for a minute. It was almost like she could read what the tape on the door was saying. Funny Girl!

Here she says "knocking" on the door. She would put her hand sup on the door and then turn and run. I think we are in trouble when she gets older. Can you say ding-dong-ditch?

Here is the first treat she got on our jaunt around the block. After they gave her candy, she would just stand at their door smiling. We literally had to turn her around to get her to leave.
All in all we had a fun night. After we got home, Savannah went to bed, and the rest of us adults spent the evening lounging in front of the TV with popcorn and candy. Mom and I watched Hairspray, while Dad and Orson watched Knight Rider.