Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July

So we are having a ton of fun this weekend. We are up in Georgetown spending time with Orson's family. Last night Chuck's family, Orson and I went to an Express Baseball game, and, miraculously, they won. There were two triple plays in the fourth, and the opposing manager was escorted out. All of which, Orson and I missed because we went late. After the game they had a pretty good fireworks show. We were gonna take Savannah with us, but just before we left she went nuts and I put her to bed instead of forcing everyone at the stadium to listen to her screaming.

Today we went to Dos Salsas, one of my in-laws favorite places, for lunch. Orson was happy because after he ate his meal he ordered fried ice cream, which I must admit was fabulous. Once we finished lunch we took Savannah to two different parks and looked at all their booths, experienced new foods, and took a million pictures. It was hot but not unbearable outside. We stopped and drooled over some awesome classic cars and trucks. My favorite was a red hot rod. I could totally picture me driving it. (Just don't tell my husband!) Then as we walked we came upon the gazebo which had a band playing, so naturally Grandma and Savannah stopped to boogie.

We then browsed many arts and crafts booths, at which point we ventured upon the "food court." When at a festival type atmosphere one thing that is a must buy are funnel cakes. So we stopped and got grandpa one, and because he is so nice, he shared with everyone, including Savannah.

The park that we were at has a river that runs through it, so, Grandma, Orson, and I decided to take Savannah down to take a peek.

Of all of the things we did today, I think Savannah's favorite was eating watermelon at Grandma's after we got home from our touring. She was a mess by the time we were done. I had taken off her shirt, but it was a good thing that her shorts were red because she was soaked with watermelon juice, even her diaper was red.

After a quick bath, and story time, she went down for the night. All in all I think her first fourth of July was a success, minus the fact that she didn't get to see any fireworks.


Katz said...

Looks like Savvy had a blast. Mmmm.. watermelon. That's Bronson's favorite right now.

You're looking beautiful, by the way!

Colleenita said...

Oh my gosh! Those watermelon pics are freaking great. LOVE IT!

starstruck_texan said...

Thanks Katie, I'm feeling pretty good, all things considering.

Allison said...

Looks like fun...she probably wouldn't have liked the fireworks any way. We tried to stay up so that Sammy could see some but they were so loud that Nathan freaked and we left... She's getting so big and super cute :)