Friday, November 14, 2008

Seth First Portraits

So tonight Orson and I went up to the Lakeline mall and had Seth's portraits done. When Savannah was two weeks old, we took her to Sears and came home with a 20x20 framed print featuring 9 of our favorite images. So today it was Seth's turn to do the same thing. I think we got a ton of great images. I love is 20x20 and can't wait to see it. ( I'm sad b/c we will be on vacation when it comes in.) Although luckily for you I have the CD with all the pictures, so you can get a peek. Be forwarned....there are LOTS of pictures to see here.

Yeah yeah yeah...I know we are missing a child, we are gonna do our family pictures soon. This was just so I could match what we had done with Savannah. Until I look ed at this pic, I didn't see much resemblance between the two of them, but WOW...did this prove me wrong.

Can we just say...AMAZING!!! This is my new favorite picture....I think I might order that one in like a 16x20....seriously...I LOVE IT! He's such a great dad.

Little feet and big hands...we tried to get Savannah's hands in their but she basically said "yeah right!"

For some reason this pose just intrigues me...I did it with Savannah and I loved it so I wanted to match them. On our big 20x20 the photographer is gonna remove the mig white diaper under my hand.

Hehehehe...squishy baby! I'm so glad that he did this. I tried it with Savannah but she didn't squish half as well... Thanks Mr. Seth! Mommy is very happy now.

Doesn't he look pretty comfy, especially for being held like that in mid-air.

Baby rolls.....and he didn't even pee all over the background.....good job son!

I love me some good close ups!

I think my face loos huge, but I'm putting that aside and looking at it from someone else's point of view....not too bad... pretty adorable actually.

He looks so peaceful lying on his little white pillow.

My newest little sweet.

Not happy with all the pictures....and the posing....

Won't you just leave me ALONE!

"Okay Mom, I'll be good, just hold my hand."

Innocent little face.

Hands posed just like sister

Daddy's boy!

Like Father, Like Son

Kisses from Sister

Payback....."I can do that too"

An impromptu family pic...notice that Savannah isn't even really looking at Seth, she's only smiling because I had just thrown her up in the air. I ordered this one in black and white.

Hope that you enjoyed them, as soon as I get the wall portrait in..I'll try and take a pic of it, so you can see it.


Jan said...

The pictures are really, really beautiful. I don't know how you'd choose -- they're all precious!

starstruck_texan said...

I didn't choose....that's my problem....I also have a CD with all the pics so I can print whatever I want.

Dustin and Maren said...

I love the pictures of your kids kissing each other! That is so fun! Yup, too many cute shots to mention, for sure.


grandma Karen said...

What well trained beautiful children. Glad you got the CD of the pictures they are beautiful.

100 Percent Cottam said...

those are SO SWEET! i especially love the hands and feet. so cute.

The Bradley's said...

These pictures are so cute!! He is so pretty with huge eyes! Savannah is so big now next to him. How exciting! I miss you guys, I'll have to let you know when we're there next!

DanielLisaCaliDavid said...

Beautiful Pictures! Seth sure does have light hair like his daddy.

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Tara said...

Great pictures!! I need to come by and get some baby snuggles in person.