Thursday, February 26, 2009


So happened again! I wrecked yet another car. It happened On Feb. 17th, I was driving Orson's car, and it was raining. I was trying to slow down to take a turn, when my anti-lock brakes kicked in leaving me with no traction. I couldn't slow down, and I had a decision to make...hit the median across the way or try to take the turn? I decided to try to take the turn, and hope for the best. Well I guess my prayers were answered, in an unusual way I'd say. As I took the corner my back end slipped out from behind me and fishtailed. I tried to counter steer, but it didn't work. I ended up spinning, my front hit the guardrail, and then was followed by my back end. I ended up just about in the median facing oncoming traffic. YEAH! Anyway, yes, I did have both of the kids with me, and yes, we are all okay.

At first glance it was a minor accident. Unfortunately I hit the rail just right to bend the frame. And, because it was an older vehicle, the damage ended up being more than the value of the car. So we are now looking to replace not one, but two vehicles. Needless, to say my brain is swirling with options, truly I feel like I have looked at every vehicle listing in the region. So wish us luck on finding a vehicle that fits our needs and our major lack of budget.

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