Monday, July 26, 2010

A Bigger Family

So since it has been a REALLY long time since I posted, 
I thought I might update the few of you that check out our blog. 

An introduction to our family members!

Orson: The Dad
He works at Eileen Merritt's ATS, in the civil engineering  department although he has been doing tons of other stuff around there too lately.  He loves to fish, and actually just brought the bass boat home so he is really excited, now if he could just get out on the water and fish it would be better.  He has been brewing homemade soda concoctions for almost three years now I think.  His favorite of course is root beer, and every once in a while he try out other flavors.  Currently brewing in the fridge are root beer and lemon-lime.  

Lisa: The Mom
She is a stay at home mom, and has been full-time since Feb. of 2008.  She works with the young women of the Buda Ward, and loves every minute of it.  She likes to sew and off and on makes blankets and burp cloths for friends that are having babies.  She just took a machine quilting class and is excited to actually try it out on some new projects.  She loves to relax in her hammock out back when the heat isn't too hot and the grass isn't too high.  

Savannah: The Oldest
She is almost 3 (33 months, or if you want to be exact see the banner at the top of the blog).  She is a busy little girl.  She loves to "help you," even though we know she really isn't "helping."  She is playing with dolls, and love to change their diapers.  We have to keep an eye out b/c many of them have ended up with butt paste on their bottoms (it doesn't come off very well).  at Grammy Karen's she loves to play with her "Polly Pocket" houses and people.  She is an outdoors kinda long as someone is out there with her.  At Grandma and Papa Anderson's house she loves to help them gather food from the garden.  She is a great little mommy to her younger brothers and loves to tell them what to do, and more importantly...what NOT to do.  Her vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds everyday, and she would not complain if you were to just sit and let her tell you about everything.

Seth: The Middle Child
Our Little Seth is going to be 2 this fall (21 months, or again, if you want to be exact see the banner at the top of the blog).  He is a daredevil, as proved by our trip to the ER Last Night.  He fell off a chair and was met by a brick hearth, he had a cut in the back of his head that took 5 stitches to close up.  He loves to jump, climb, and swing upside down from anything he can.   He also loves animals, although he prefers that they don't try and come near him most of the time.  He is also exploring the wonderful world of communication and is finally beginning to talk.  Seth loves to be daddy's little sidekick.  If Orson is home Seth is at his side.

Shawn: The Youngest
Shawn is already 2 months old.  It is hard to believe.  He is growing fats.  A lot of his 0-3 month clothes are too small...he's tall...big surprise there.  He has some hair, but of course it is Blonde so what he does have, you can't see.  Everyone comments on his eyes.  They are also bright and alert, and it doesn't hurt that his eyelashes are amazing.  Combine those eyes with his new ever present smile, and you will be smitten for sure.  He loves to smile and coo at anyone who will give him some attention.  He is the youngest for sure, the poor kid thinks it's normal to be sat on or smooshed.  He is very patient and calm mannered.  And the biggest accomplishment for any new mom is that he is sleeping through the night.  I make sure he's fed when we go to sleep around midnight and he will sleep till 7 or 8am.  Yehaw!!!   It's awesome. 

So in a nutshell, we are all doing well.  Shawn's visit brought a lot of good family time.  This was the first birth that all 5 of the grandparents were able to be at.  It was a really special time, and we will always treasure that  memory.  My dad was able to be here for about a week, and my kids loved the chance to get to know Papa Curtis and Grandma Florence.  Thanks again guys!  Grammy Karen, Grandma and Papa Anderson were amazing in helping out while I recovered, they came to the house and hung out with my kids so I could rest after being released form the hospital.  
We are enjoying our summer, spending alot of time playing with our slip-n-slide, water hopscotch, and swimming in the pool.  Sometime even Daddy gets to have fun with us.  One of our favorite days with Daddy was a special visit to the McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels.  We finished that day off with dinner at The Gristmill.  Yum Yum.  Great Restaurant, Great Town! 


Colleen said...

I can't believe you have THREE kiddos!!!!! It seems like no time has passed AT ALL since we were neighbors and I caught you and Orson together on the couch. :)

starstruck_texan said...

You make it sound so bad Colleen...catching us on the couch...and just to clarify I don't think you ever actually saw Orson on the couch, I thought he had jumped off and was hiding by the time you actually came in. hehehe. Things change pretty quick around here.