Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Really Cool Craft

     So I think that this is destined to be hanging in my living room, I just love all the different textures.  If you can't tell they are made from tracing your child's arm and then letting them mod podge all the leaves on top of it.  So truly your kid can't mess his one up.  Go to At Second Street for a tutorial. 


mommy karen said...

I'd take it would the loft, Along with the kids names on the fence

Marilyn said...

That's way cute.

And BTW...I need your addy for Christmas cards. If you would be a doll and email it to me...that would be great! lynndie.m[at]gmail.com Thanks!

leschornmom said...

Hey I just realized I haven't been on here in a looong time! Now i'm a follower so I'll check in more often! Very artsy wall hangings... Have you made yours yet or are those them?
Were in the process of remodeling an old house and I'm always looking for neat ideas!