Friday, February 8, 2008

Photo Time

Okay so I have some pics on my camera that I thought you would all enjoy.

Roxane and Jaden came over tonight and played for a bit. Jaden was so sweet with Savannah...just like Logan he just wanted to hold her. He did a great job. Then he turned his attention to the Wii and bowled a freakin 157. Man was I jealous.

On my earlier post today I mention a plotting against my DM...and I would have to say mission definitely accomplished! Roxane, Jaden, Kyrra, and I had so much fun. We went and heart attacked her. Her lawn was covered with foam hearts. AWESOME!!!

Okay so time for some Savannah update. I am finally posting the pics of her holding her bottle. she knows when it's time for food. She grabs and bottle and pulls it straight to her mouth. It's funny. Also, we have started giving her some cereal at night. We tried it yesterday for the first time and I totally thought she was gonna take the spoon out of my hand....I truly couldn't get it there fast enough. Hopefully the video will load for us tonight.

It's amazing how the smallest everyday moments are what really capture out hearts. I woke up the other morning before everyone else. I rolled over and this is what I saw...I wanted that sweet memory to last forever. I remember a picture of me and my dad that looked similar to that.

I will have to really try and get some more video of Savannah to load for me. I have some really great ones here.


Colleenita said...

OH MY GOSH. That picture of Ors and Savs is the freaking greatest thing EVER! It looks like her little hand is holding his shoulder. AYE!

starstruck_texan said...

I know it couldn't help but capture it so that I would never forget that moment. about going on a vaykay with me and Savs....Hawaii??

Colleenita said...

HAWAII!!! As soon as I'm not poor, I AM ALL YOURS!!!!!!!!!!

Katz said...

I love Savvy's smile in the first pic!