Monday, March 17, 2008

Belated updates

So it has been entirely too long since I have posted. I have just about missed the month of March, so I figured that I had better get on it. As usual when I am behind I am going to use pictures to show what we have been doing. This first group of images are her four month portraits. My friend Roxane took these little Valentine ones for me.

This one is for my parents...growing up they always called me Lil' Bit.

I so want this in my house....its a 10x20....Roxane is gonna put one up in her studio...I guess I'll just have to drool there.

Mommies gift to herself. She's signing I Love You....isn't that the greatest!

Baby Body Parts...they are so adorable.

This is on my list of top five pics of her.

Just a bit bigger than last month.

This one is one of my favorites....she makes me put my hand on her face like this all the time to go to sleep.

Smiley Girl


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she's so cute! i can't wait to meet her!