Saturday, September 20, 2008

WOW....this is cool

Just a quick post because I think that this is amazing! Disneyland is offering free admission to either of their parks on your birthday in 2009--you have to register and then bring your ID or birth certificate on your bday but I think that this is great. And if you're an annual passholder they give you a gift card to spend in the park! I have never seen them do this before....I'm I just need to figure out how to get to Disney World next August. Here is where you can register. Seriously if there is anyway you can take advantage of this I highly recommend it.

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Heather Bish said...

WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! If you guys do make it, be sure to let me know. I live about 10 minutes away and we can give you some pointers on navigating "the world". Maybe even watch the kiddies so you and Orson can ride the good stuff! Congrats on your new little one on the way!!
miss you.....Heather