Friday, January 23, 2009


So in the past few days I have been thinking about out Country alot. Now for those of you that know me, that is not a surprise. I may not agree with all of our new Presidents ideas or beliefs, but is IS now our President, no, MY president. It is now up to me to stand up and support him as he begins to lead this new country. It is up to me to lend him spiritual strength as I offer prayers in his behalf. It is up to me, to show the world what America is really made up of. One nation indivisible! I hope that no matter what our individual thoughts are we will stand together to bolster our commander in chief as he leads this great country. It's like what we read in the scriptures..."no unhallowed hand" shall stop this work. I truly believe that if we stnad together we will never fall. Anyway. enough of my political rampage, just wanted to share.

Also, my mom sent me the link to this site called Mission 1 Accomplished. It's a website designed for people to give thanks to our former president, George W. Bush. There were some really greeat thoughts shared. One that really touched my heart was this:

"President Bush, thank you for putting our military in high regard and respecting their sacrifices. Only two people have ever died for, Jesus Christ for my eternal salvation, and two, the American solidier for my earthbound freedom. You understood that and proudly gave them the respect that they deserve and have earned."

This really touched me because I have a brother who has served two tours overseas protecting our freedoms. Now if you ask him if it was a big deal he'll always tell you no, that he was doing his job. I have been blessed with three brothers that either have or are currently serving our country in the United States Marines, each of them are fiercely patriotic, and would truly die for our country if asked. I am grateful for men like them who stand up for not only our freedoms but also for the freedoms of those yet to experience that joy. So to my brothers, those that serve in the military, and to our former commander in chief I too sy THANKS!


Ang said...

You hit the nail on the head. I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for those great reminders. Hugs...

leschornmom said...

Hey, I just stopped in to say hi...but I guess "howdy" is a little more appropriate. (Just going with your general blog theme.)
Glad to see things are going so well for you. Your new little one is Sooo precious!