Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What has been occupying my time

So, if having two kids under 18 months doesn't keep me busy enough, I decided to add more stress to my life. I decided to total my car. No the kids were not with me. Two weeks ago on Tuesday, the 6th, my mom had I had taken a girls afternoon/night out. As we were heading home we were hit by another driver as we crossed the intersection.

All things considering the injuries were minor, meaning they could have been MUCH worse. I broke my left pinky toe, sprained my left ankle, and got a killer bruise on my right calf just below my knee. My mom had tons of bruises, cut her hand pretty good, and broke her right wrist...luckily for her she is left handed.

So since then I have not only been trying to find a car for under $8,000, but one that would be big enough to suit our needs. The insurance actually called with "good" news for us saying that they would give us $4000 for the car. We were surprised. The only condition is that they needed the title. Enter in problem Number One.....we can't find the silly title of course. Problem Two....come to find out, the car is titled in the state of CA under my maiden name. Problem will take 30 days to get the duplicate title. SO yeah I have been having a ton of fun. The big problem with getting the title so slowly is that my car is in the tow yard, and pretty soon here I will be responsible for the charges being incurred. And until my insurance gets the title, they can't release the check for us to get a new car. YEAH!!!! Just what I needed. Okay there I have vented....I feel a little better, at least for the next minute or so. See ya later.


colleenita said...

OH NO!!!!!!!! That is freaking horrible!!! I'm so sorry, girl.

100 Percent Cottam said...

oooh, girl, i'm SO sorry. glad it you guys are okay!!

Grandma Karen said...

I agree we were very lucky! Love you, Mom

Katz said...

whoa!!!! i'm glad you guys escaped with minor injuries.

i hope you get the car situation figured out soon. that's horrible.