Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Back

So I kept putting off posting because I had a bunch I wanted to post about and I wanted to play catch up.  Well, that project became too big and I was overwhelmed.  I decided to post a quick summary of what we did this summer and early fall.  I do have a bunch of pictures posted on facebook if you are on there, and I still might post some of my favorites.  Our family has experienced a lot of changes since my last post in May...sorry.

The kids and I drove out to Cali with a friend in June to visit everyone and help mom with the house, as she was retiring and selling the Cerritos house.  We had a great visit, we went to Disneyland, spent time with family and friends, and shared memories about growing up in that house.  We got back in time to celebrate the 4th of July with the Andersons' in Georgetown and celebrate David's (my nephew's) birthday.   Mid-month my mom got here, she is building a house in Buda, and until it's ready will be staying with us.  I welcome the help and company, the kids are loving having her around.  We also got to spend a few hours with my Aunt Deanne who had driven out with her from CA.  Thanks!  At the end of the month we went to Sea World with my niece to celebrate her birthday...all I can say is that we ended up having a great time, but man the Texas heat kicked my butt that day. 

August started great as we went out to Brenham to participate in Brittany's (my niece's) baptism.  It was a great weekend and I'm glad that we got to go.  The next week we had a visit from my brother Christopher and his wife Victoria.  Orson and I took them out and we did some Austin sightseeing via the Duck tour.  It was a ton of fun and we learned a ton about our city.  After sending them off Orson and I ran away to San Antonio for the week.  My mom was nice enough to watch the kids for us.  That weekend a few of my girlfriends met me in San Antonio and we had a blast.

September was kinda quiet around here, we played and played and played.  We were sad to say goodbye to Fridays at the pool with our playgroup. 

October though made up for the lull, birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays.  Orson started off the month...we celebrated at home and he had a rice crispy cake.    Orson and the kids then went camping with Daniel and Lisa and had a great time.  Savannah's birthday came next with a little party at home and some great one-on-one time with each of the grandparents.  I can hardly believe that she is really two.  The next weekend was Seth's first birthday party.  We had a BBQ at the house with a monster theme.  He was spoiled with attention and gifts.   Thanks for all those who came to celebrate our little guy's first birthday, it was GREAT!  Of course by then it was time to get everyone dressed in their adorable little costumes.   This year we decided to go with their nicknames meaning, Savannah was a monkey and Seth was a monster.  I loved each of their costumes so much and we had a lot of fun.  We got to wear them three times, the ward trunk-or-treat, playgroup, and of course trick-or-treating.  Halloween morning we also went to visit the Elgin tree farm.  It was a fun day spent looking at animals, hayrides, swings, having rubber duck races, and of course pumpkins.  I also introduced the kids to those big round suckers.  They loved it.

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Allison said...

Congrats! I didn't know that you were expecting monkey #3! :) Fun! Welcome to the 3-amigos club!