Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things are still pluggin along

So, a week ago I went back to work. Although I am only going back part-time, once a week, just to bring in a little extra money. I am actually at a different location which happens to be digital, so it's been alot of fun. I love the freedom it gives me. Savannah hangs out at my in-laws with grandma, grandpa, Aunt Merridy, her cousin Alexandria and her cousin Jessica. They love getting time with least that's what they tell me. I have also set-up a photography website, so that if anyone wants freelance work I have a site that you can place orders and a lab that will print them. Not that I am going to be out pursuing that, but just in case it's needed, it's ready. And last but not least, I am getting serious about my Partylite business again. I loved doing shows for the short while that I did it, and I can't wait for people to start hosting more. Hint! HINT! So I'm postin a m ess of pictures...since I'm behind again. These first few show my holiday project, I made slings for all my sister-in-laws, and I must say that they turned out pretty cute. This is Merridy holding Jessica in the cradled position. She was excited because she can use the tail to cover her up if she needs to breastfeed.

This one show Jessica sitting up. She loved it becasue she was still close to mom, she is DEFINITELY a momma's girl.

As far as Miss Savannah goes. She is growing a mile a minute. She is up to eating 8 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day. She usually goes to bed anywhere between 10pm-12am and sleeps until 9am-11am. I love her tons. One of the problems we have been having this week is that when she wakes up the bed has been drenched, so I am trying a size 2 diaper at night, we'll see how that goes. The other nighttime problem we've had lately it that when she's tired and it's time for bed, she screams bloody murder for like 5-10 minutes and there is nothing you can do to console her. It's so annoying.

This is her after eating those 8 ounces of formula. She always looks drunk after she eats. She literally just flipped over in my lap. She was Done!

I almost have to laugh at her because her face looks so funny when she does it. Savannah has also begun to find the beauty of toys. She is getting much better at spending time on her tummy. We have this little mirror thing that she loves looking at.

When she is on her back she like to look at her underwater themed mobile. The other night I left her on her back under her little arch and she played by herself for like a full hour....well almost...I think she fell asleep for a few minutes somewhere in there. Oh, I almost forgot she has two favorite toys...a Baby Einstien star that sings and link-a-dos. She loves those silly little rings so much. I got them to hook some toys to her carrier, and she just wants the rings. She's funny! Hmmm, what else...oh! She is cooing and laughing alot more now. If I put her feet to her cheeks she laughs like crazy. Of course I can't get her really good laughs on camera, she gets shy.

Big Smiles for Mom

Just so darn sweet.

Yup, we are already teaching how to pray before going to bed.

She has also found her tongue...she licks everything repetitively. YUCK!

And she's done...can't you tell...She always tucks her little chin down in her neck and snorts. She's cute. Any takers?

P.S. I took her to get her three month portraits today, so I should be able to post hose sometime tomorrow.

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Katz said...

Garrett is a big boy. I love it. Bronson was sickly looking when he was this age. The size 2 diapers fit him, but he pees right through them when he sleeps through the night.

Savannah is getting so big. I love her already.