Friday, December 12, 2008

Late in the game

So I have totally been neglecting my duties on this blog lately. I figured that now that I am a full month behind I'd give you an update with a promise to post weekly at least from here on out. We have been having tons of fun since Mr. Seth arrived. The first two weeks of his life Grandma and Grandpa Anderson were here. I spent the next week packing for our trip to Utah. Then obviously we left and spent two weeks in Park City and the surrounding area. When we got home the kids and I spent the next week out visiting friends and ignoring our jobs like laundry and cleaning house. This week though, has been back to business. I have just about finished all the laundry in the house. AMAZING! I know, my husband could hardly believe it when I called him yesterday @ 2-ish and told him that I had already cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped the floor, did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned the front room. I'm sure his jaw hit the floor, and note to didn't even take that long, I might have to do it more often. I'm really bad at housework. I always find something else to do, even if that something is doing nothing. Anyway. With the holidays approaching I am now in the Holiday mode, our tree is up and hopefully today I will get the decorations on it, and put up the garland on the stairs. I am excited for Christmas, both my mom and my brother are going to be in town. Not that I didn't just spend two weeks with the both of them in Utah. We are also going to be blessing Seth the Saturday after Christmas, continuing our tradition of doing it at the house and having Panda Express for everyone. I'll post some pics from the last month soon I promise.

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Dustin and Maren said...

Glad I'm not the only one who avoids housework! Hope you have a great blessing!