Sunday, December 28, 2008

Park City Miner's Club

So over Thanksgiving my mom, Christopher (brother...aka Craig), Victoria (Sister-in-law) spent time with our family in Utah. We stayed at The Miners Club at the Canyons. We had a pretty great time. Although we have all decided that next time we will be sure to plan the trip during either the official summer or official winter seasons. We hit just before the winter season opened and there was not much to do in town, none of the winter stuff was open yet, and the summer stuff was closed. :-( But none the less, we found plenty to keep us entertained.

Here is a picture of the resort. Mom, Craig, and Victoria are standing on our balcony. We had a four bedroom unit which was on the 4th and 5th floor. The window behind them was our room, above them is Craig and Victoria's room. The three windows to the right of them was the living/dining room. And to the above that to the right you can see mom's bedroom window.

Here is the living room. Above the mantel the TV/DVD Player was hidden behind those wooden doors.

On the left you can see the dining area.

Somehow I didn't end up with a pic of the kitchen which I was standing in. So here is one I stole from their website.

This is a picture of the Park City Resort which was just down the road from us. As you can see there really wasn't much snow. The snow that is on the slops was man-made.

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