Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

Saturday was kinda a busy day for us. Orson had a side-job he needed to do some measurements for, so we were there for like six hours. Needless to say by that time, Savannah was DONE. She was tired and wanted to go. So we came home and let her sleep. Then that evening surprised Orson and took him out to Cheddars for Dinner. Man we love that place. Orson was so excited because he has always wanted to go somewhere and order dessert first, so he did. We literally ate our meals backwards. We had a cookie monster (a big 'ole cookie on a skillet topped with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce) to begin with. I ordered the spasagna (spaghetti noodles with cheese cooked in a casserole like lasagna topped with marina sauce), which was yummy. I might try making it at home some day. Orson ordered the smokehouse burger (bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ ranch, onion straws and your typical burger toppings), he was really excited about the onion straws. Then we ended our meal with an order of onion rings. Our waiter truly thought we were nuts when we first ordered everything. Although he said that he might try dessert first, because then you are guaranteed to get it. He said that then you would really have meal worth taking home at the end. All in all the night was great, we talked, laughed and just enjoyed our little family. When we got home we put the midget to bed and just cuddled on the couch watching movies. It was a great night and I hope that Orson enjoyed his Father's Day spoil. Here are some cute pics of Orson and Savannah at the restaurant.

I just loved all her silly little faces. She's a nut.

I love Orson's smile in this one. He's the best Daddy.

Just the two of them chillin... can you tell that she had just finished eating.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I am so glad you found me! Life looks really great for you, your little girl is so cute.

Katz said...

I love those pics of Orson and Savvy.

I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Jan said...

We're big Cheddars fans too - -and we were there on Saturday as well! Love that place and loved it that you started with dessert.