Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm a climbing fool.

So since Savannah has mastered the art of crawling she has decided to put her other muscles to work as well. There is never a moment where she is not trying to get up on something. Her favorite though is climbing the stairs, even though the only way she knows how to get down to to roll backwards. Here's a video to prove my point. And no you aren't gonna watch her fall down the stairs...that would be mean. This is her trying to get to a spoon she had dropped behind this box.


Katz said...

Is it mean that I was laughing as she struggled?

Tara said...

You can tell she's had a few photo sessions. Did you see her stop and smile at the camera in the middle of all that?? :)

starstruck_texan said... worries...I laughed too...Tara, I can't help's like a reality show....she's always being watched.

Grandma Karen said...

Why is she playing in the garage?? Isn't she allowed to eat in the house?? Keep her away farom upstairs windows.