Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swim Time!!!

So, since I have grown up and moved away from my mom's house, I have forgotten how much I love to swim. Even truly to just be in the water is the best. I guess growing up I just took it for granted. It was there and I was always in the pool, and that was life. Since I now no longer have that blessing I rarely go swimming, so I forget how great it is. Especially in the gosh awful hot place called Texas that I live. Anyway, we were invited to go swimming last week with my sister-in-law and her kids, and we had a great time. Although I unfortunately couldn't document it because my camera was broken and the other one I had bought for the interim was awful. Savannah did so great, she didn't even cry or fuss. She loved the water but didn't splash around much, just enjoyed the coolness. She also decided that what she really wanted to do was drink the water. She was so funny, if she couldn't get her mouth down to the water, she would put her hand in and then drink the water from her hand. Smart little girl, knows how to get what she wants.
Monday, I got a call from another friend inviting us to swim at her place, so again I packed a swim bag with all the essentials, and grabbed the new replacement camera and headed off. Savannah did even better this time. We had so much fun. We went under the water, we threw her around, and played with our friends. Luckily this new camera is awesome, I might not even return it when my old camera comes back from the shop. Anyway I got some great pics and wanted to share them. Mostly so my mom would stop crying and whining about how much she is missing. Enjoy, but beware there are quite a few images. The crazy group of our kids that we were swimming with. Flying Baby This one is My FAVORITE!!! It reminds me of the pictures my parents took of me in the pool as a baby. Thanks for the memories Mom and Dad. The Happy Mom and Baby after a few hours swimming.

You know that you love this one. I love that the camera caught me spitting water.

Logan, Savannah and I. Logan would easily take her as his sister anyday.

Isn't this little cover-up cute, plus her adorable little smile...picture perfect I tell ya.

Look at my two big chompers.

And of course Last but not least a video for you to enjoy of her second time in the pool. This was towards the end of our adventure so she wasn't as smiley in this video.


Katz said...

How cute! Bronson loved swimming. We haven't taken Garrett yet. But he doesn't even like taking a bath, so I'm not sure how he'll handle a pool.

Jan said...

Tons of fun! Kiddoes love the water, don't they?

Grandma Karen said...

Another tooth? That wasn't on the blog or I missed it.

She is going to be a swimming maniac. Another generation that can swim before they walk.