Thursday, June 12, 2008

Growing, growing, growing

So I have a bunch of pics to upload of all the new things she has been doing so....drum roll please...

She Seriously loves bath time....I can hardly keep her head out from under the faucet.

Yeah for water.

Look at my pretty blue Anderson eyes.

Kyrra's friends giving her her first pedicure.

Nice pink toes...just what daddy wanted.

I'm so big...look at me standing.

This is my very first tooth.

Mommy loves to see this every time she comes in to get me...."I'm all ready Mom!"


Katz said...

She's getting SO big!

Jan said...

Lisa! How fun to find you in blog-land! Your little girl is adorable and it was such fun meeting you last night. I'm thinking we're going to know each other very well by the time this play is over with!