Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fun Firsts

We are such goofy parents. Yesterday we took Savannah to Sea World for her first visit (we had a good excuse to go, we went with Orson's family to celebrate our nieces birthday). We dressed her up in her little cowgirl costume, man was she cute. She did really well all day, except for the fact that she didn't want to eat well. I guess it was the heat. We got lots of pictures. I promise to post them later today, as the camera is downstairs.
Also Thursday we took her to the doctors to get her first check up. They said that everything looked great. The only thing they wanted to keep an eye on was her weight. But the doctor said not to worry since my milk had just come in and it is normal to lose weight the first week. When we first got to the exam room, we stripped her down to get her ready and she had completely messed her diaper and gotten it all over her outfit. Good thing mommy had extra clothes in her diaper bag. Score 1 point for Mommy!!! Oh yeah and she grew a quarter inch since she was born.
So, it's our first weekend alone, well sorta we are gonna be with the Andersons tonight. We are taking Savannah to Georgetown to a Trunk-or-Treat where Orson can show her off to all the people he grew up with. Should be fun and I'm sure we will get more photos there. Maybe all the cousins in their costumes. Well, I hope that is enough of an update for now. See Ya!

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