Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More of Savannah's Room

Today I kidnapped my sister-in-law Merridy and we finished the room. It so totally awesome. We hung the border, put up the curtain rod, hung up the little accessories and cleaned up the room. It turned out just like I wanted.

Okay, so now I don't know w
hat Savannah is waiting for. I seriously need to go into labor! EVERYONE IS WAITING!!!

P.S. Here is a pic of her Halloween costume.
Made to Match her room. How Cute!!!


Gandma Karen said...

Savanna's room is really amazing! As Warren said, "Savannah is going to wonder why her wall changes everyday when she wakes up from her nap." Anyway, it will change if her cousins have anything to do with it. They love playing with the magnets.

We have literally shopped daily until we dropped for a week now, so we are ready for her to arrive.

Katz said...

whoa! you have a nursery??? i'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you both! I still can't believe you are finally having your own little one to hold very soon! I am so happy for you! Miss you Lots! Be sure to send photos! - Marla

Roxie Ladie said...

Oh My goodnes the nursery is so adorable. Can not wait to see her in her cowgirl costume.