Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Weekend

Unintentionally, I have created a behavior pattern I guess. Somehow I can never keep up on the weekend. Sorry. This weekend, Savannah got to go to her first birthday party. My friend Erika ha a party for her daughter who was turning one. It was fun, they went the whole nine yards. They had a train, a pony, bounce houses, and face painting. Well, obviously Savannah is too little to do most of that stuff, but I did go get her face painted. At first we tried to stencil on this really cute flower, but she didn't like the fact that we were holding the stencil on her face and she kept squirming, so we wiped of her face and she went right back to sleep. So then we had them just freehand a flower and it turned out so cute.

Sunday we were off to another birthday party. This time it was for Logan's fifth birthday. The theme was Thomas the train. I made a welcome sign, a banner, some dangling trains to hang on the wall, gift bags, and the cutest little conductor hat you've ever seen. Unfortunately, I didn't get any GOOD pictures of the hats, but you can see them in this one. Also, if you look on the wall above the cake you can see my Thomas dangler and a little bit of the banner.

The cake they had was incredible, as you can see by the pictures. The lady that made the cake had never done a Thomas cake, but it sure doesn't show. The kids had a lot of fun. We did pizza and cake and then they got to go bowling. Let me tell you, getting shoes for 16 kids is insane especially when you are trying to figure out what size shoes they wear. All in all it was a ton of fun, but I won't be sad if I don't have to cut out or see another Thomas the Tank Engine for a while.

No exciting plans for this week, but I did forget to mention something. Savannah and I will be making an appearance in CA the first week in December, then we will be flying to Oregon for a few days. We are so excited to see our family and friends and can't wait for you all to meet her. Let me know if there is a specific day or time that we need to get together.


Katz said...

finding bowling shoes for 16 kids = :::shudder::: brings back BAD memories.

i love her little flower. :)

Lisa Marie said...

Her hair is darker than I remember it being at the hospital. It will be amazing to get the babies all 3 together at Thanksgiving and see how much they look like eachother or how different they are. Grandma will have her hands full!

Lisa Marie said...

Ok I guess looking at the other pictures on the blog Savannah has had brown hair for a while. I guess Orson has light hair so I expected Savannah's hair to be light too. David has Hazel eyes (the blue hue went away). Do you know what color Savannah's eyes are yet?