Saturday, November 17, 2007


So, I totally feel awful for not posting, but we really haven't done much of anything this week. Orson and I have been trading off with the car because his radiator died. So Savannah and I have spent alot of time at home. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson came over Wednesday and brought cousins Alexandrea and Cali over to play. We watched Meet the Robinsons and went to the park. Savannah went on the merry-go-round for the first time and Mommy almost got sick, Grandpa went a little too fast. After they left we took a nap in the hammock. It's always a good day when we get to do that. Thursday we went up to Georgetown and hung out with grandma, grandpa, and Merridy. Merridy and I ran errands, I couldn't find anything I needed. Today Savannah just wanted to eat and be held. Every time she fell asleep and I would put her down, she would wake up again. I didn't get to eat or shower till Orson got home at like 2pm. Tonight Savannah and I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine. Savannah got kidnapped by my friend's mom...she said that she need to practice being a grandma. For a while I had forgotten that I even had brought her. Opps! We had a great time. Now it's bed time, and for once little Missy miss doesn't want to go down...she is just crying and crying. Hopefully she will wear herself out soon. Well, I'd better go rescue my husband from the crazy girl.


Lisa said...

Atleast Orson got home by 2pm for your shower time. Thanks for having Cali at your house for the day. It sounded like she had a fun time making grass soup. Does Orson hold Savannah if she is crying and try to settle her down or does he just pass her back to you like Daniel does with David.

starstruck_texan said...

Lisa, it depends...usually at first he will try to console her...but if it doesn't work then he gets frustrated and either puts her down and let's her scream, or hands her to me.