Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anderson Family

I thought you guys might enjoy it if I posted the portaits that we had done the other day of the 15 Andersons...hehe. It was a little scary because out of the 6 group photos that they took, really, only one was an option because all the others were cutting people off. YIKES!!! I was kinda disappointed. Although all-in-all I guess it turned out alright. So this first one if the whole familia.

This next one is of grandma and grandpa with all the grandkiddos.

And this one is all of the Anderson boys with their new additions. All three were born this year.
From left to right. Chuck and Jessica (born in May), Orson and Savannah (born in October), and Daniel and David (born in July).

When Orson and I found out that we were expecting, I made matching onsies and bibs for all the cousins that were to be born that year. This is how we announced to his family that we were having Savannah. The other two families had already told the family, so when I pulled out the number 1 and number 2 jersies no one was surprised but when I pulled out number three I thought my mother-in-law was going to hit the roof. It took one of my sister-in-laws forever to get it. We practically had to spell it out for her. It was alot of fun. So here are the three new cousins in the matching little outfits.

This one is the favorite one. Savannah looks so tiny next to those two.

This next one is what having three little ones taking pictures together is really like. David was not happy, Savannah could care less, and Jessica was just kept looking at the camera.

Grandma wanted to see how "big" the kids were next to each other. Savannah truly had no cue what was going on. But I still think it turned out great.

This last one shows the back of the outfits, showing in what order they were born. Notice Savannah's nice little green smudge by her number three. Yeah she made a huge mess in her diaper. Every time we have taken pictures so far, she has done that. My, are we off to a great start!


Katz said...

those turned out great! you guys are lucky you're all close enough to take family photos.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! Savannah is so lucky to have all of you in her life!

Love, Kerri Pena