Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Slow Motion

So, as you can tell be the frequency in my postings life has really slowed down for us. Monday Savannah and I had the car, so we ran all our errands. We took Orson to work at 10 and didn't get home until 5:30, Orson called at 6 and we were back out the door to pick him up. Savannah is now officially a US citizen. I got her birth certificate in wallet size so it's easy to carry around while we are traveling and's so adorable. This week, I am working on a project. I have been looking for a baby sling forever, and I could never find one that fit, or they were too expensive. I really liked the style of the Maya Wraps, and after some research online I found a pattern to make one. I had the hardest time though tracking down the right rings to make it safe enough to carry a child, after looking all over the Austin area I finally tracked them down and they weren't too expensive. YEAH!!! So yesterday, I made my first one, and it turned out very cute. I'll post some pictures later. If you want one let me know.

Today we are going up to Georgetown to start the Holiday celebration. We are scheduled to take pictures with the whole Anderson clan. It has become our day before Thanksgiving tradition now that everyone is here in Texas. It should be interesting because this year we added three new cousins, the oldest infant being 5 months. So that brings our total to 15 people. I pity the photographer. hehehe. I am excited though, I think pictures are SO important in a family. And we are gonna do pictures of the babies together. I made some onsies that look like baseball jerseys...they say Anderson Cousins 2007 on the front and the back has our last name and a number 1-3 depending on when they were born. I hope it turns out really cute. Of course I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

Tomorrow is of course the traditional fest, although I think it might be a little more stressed induced seeing that we are having it at like 1pm. That means that we will be up at the crack of down cooking. I am in charge of making green bean favorite. Man, I love holiday where we get to eat. Food is good!

Well, I think that's it for now. According to the countdown, Savannah and I are off to California in 11 days. Can't wait to see all you out there.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait until you are in Cali. I'm also eagerly awaiting the Anderson Cousin pictures. The older two thought she was such a strange doll getting all the attention when they visited at the hospital.

Don't forget you have the 3 Peugh cousin pictures to take here also. I don't remember them getting onsies. Grand Ma Karen