Friday, December 7, 2007

Chillin' in California

Things here have been busy and fun. Beth, Erik and Aurora came up from San Diego on Monday. It was been fun to have two of the three new babies together. I have some cute pictures of them smiling. Erik has a ton of makes Savannah look bald. Tuesday we went to the fabric store and bought some material to make nursing covers. They are great to use! We didn't them finished them yet, but I intend to when I get back from Oregon next week.
Wednesday we went to Disneyland. Everywhere we went people told us that the babies were so cute, and asked if they were twins. We got to go see Santa and watch both the Holiday Parade and Fireworks. Both the little ones did pretty good, all things considered. Here's a picture with Mrs. Claus and another with Santa. They had reindeer to look at, coloring pages to color,it was really a great set-up.
Today was picture day again, this time with the Peugh cousins. Man, for having three kids under two months we got lucky. Of course I'll post them as I get them. But for now you have to be satisfied with this brief summary. I am exhausted and am falling asleep.

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Anonymous said...

eagerly waiting for the pictures but you didn't mention, Seth's, our third baby's name. Love you Grandma Karen