Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Stay in Oregon

Okay, so the next leg of our trip was spent in Oregon visiting my dad. We got there on Friday the 7th. It was cold. I think the whole time we were there it was like in the 40's . Yikes. Dad and Florence loved us being there. And by us...I mean Savannah. We had lots of adventures and took a ton of pictures. It is sooo pretty there. Thanks for the tour Grandpa.

This is when we first got there, they had to get a really good look at her. She was the center of their you can see.

Grandpa playing with Savannah and you can see she's already hooked. Unfortunately...she gets his sense of humor.

This was mommy's favorite thing. It was so cold there and using that cover I felt like I didn't have to have her over bundled. It kept her warm and she was still able to move her hands around so she didn't get mad at me.

This was the coolest tree I saw in Astoria...Although right before I got there the area had been hit by some major storms. And the wind blew over most of the trees. It was crazy.

This is the 4 mile bridge that we went across to get to Washington. That's the Columbia River below. And the town you see is Astoria...we were on our way back.

Grandpa also took us to the beach. Mommy was excited. This was somewhere near Seaside, OR. We actually got to drive on the beach. When we first pulled onto the sand I saw this cool little critter. I still don't know what he is, but I thought he looked awesome.

Savannah's first beach experience. I even put her feet in the sand even though it was 36 degrees out. I couldn't pass it up. Dad has those pictures so I will add them later. She wasn't so happy when I did it. Mean Mommy huh!!!

Grandpa rescued her from me. She loves Grandpa.

The three of us on the coast. I think she was done with the beach. I reminded her that one day she would come to love it as much as I did.

Doesn't she look so cute in this picture. All tucked in.
This is the bed she was in....doesn't she look microscopic. Thanks Florence. We loved our room.

This was taken right before we left. Unfortunately the one taken with the flash and without halo effect I had my eyes closed. We had so much fun in Oregon. I promise Dad and Florence that we will be back, and we will even bring Orson.

If you look in the bottom right corner you will see the Wauna logging mill. Logging is one of the major industries in that area. I was stunned by the amount of logs I saw there and also by there size.

As you can see the few days that we were in Oregon were jam packed. I was introduced to Finnish traditions by Florence. I even tried Lutefisk...not too bad. We went to see The Chirstmas Carol at this really cool little theatre by the river. We took pictures of fishing boats for daddy (we love Deadliest Catch). Went to the beach for mommy. And just had fun being a tourist. Thanks again for the visit. Oregon is great.

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Meg said...

WOW! Your dad looks so great. Florence sure got a great catch. Glad you had fun visitng your dad and stepmom. Wish we would have been able to see you while you were here. In the pics you can see Savannah is a spoiled girl. She is so lucky to have such a **GREAT** grandpa