Saturday, December 22, 2007

Savannah is now officially two months old!

Okay so I'm a little behind the eight ball...just shut up and pretend that it's Tuesday. Today we went to get her pictures done. We did two month/Christmas and blessing pictures today. She did awesome. I ended up working...well....helping Kyrra for four hours today. It's Holiday..there were lab issues and she wasn't getting any answers, so I called and figured it out. And I got to explain to customers what was going on. Not so bad....but I was glad I could be there to help so that it got solved faster. I love my job, but honestly I don't miss the holiday issues. Okay, now back to her pictures...she was smiley and sweet the whole time. Here they are.

Presenting....our Little Mrs. Claus!!!

This last one is my favorite....she smiles with her toungue ALL the time.

Her Blessing Dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress....and have from the minute I saw it. This last picture here has my wedding ring, and my grandfathers ring on her little toes. It didn't turn out exactly as I wanted because she kept flexing her feet and I gave up. Also if we would have waited any longer to do her blessing she wouldn't have fit into her dress. That would have not been funny.

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Katz said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE! I love the tongue one. That's my favorite. How come your daughter looks so cute in the laying down pics and my son looks like Jabba the Hutt?