Saturday, December 22, 2007

The last few days of our trip

After Oregon we returned to California to spend time visiting family. It was great. I was able to spend time one on one with my sister Cheryl and her son Jimmy, my cousin Amber and her family, my great aunt Mryle, Beth and her kids. We went and crashed mom's holiday party at school. Oh yeah, I snuck in a five minute visit to Sea World San Diego to ride Journey to Atlantis (which was awesome). SO here goes the photo journal.

These little cuties are my cousins. Ariana, Deborah, and Ashley (L-R). They have gotten so BIG. I remember when Deborah was a baby. Yikes!

The Girls showing off their cool Christmas bracelets that we gave them.

Savannah is a goofball. She thinks that her headbands are sleeping masks. I keep fixing it and she would wiggle until it was over her eyes and then not move. I was on the floor laughing. She'll figure it out one day.

So the trip is over we are home and Savannah is a happy girl. I think she likes all the clothes we acquired on our trip. Yes, we had bring bring home another suitcase so that we could fit all her new clothes in. And I'm not talking a small suitcase. Thanks Beth!

So, we had a great trip. We loved being able to visit our friends and family. Those of you who we couldn't see this trip, we will have to get together next time. We Love you. Orie, thanks for the beautiful pictures. Dad and Florence thanks for the tour. Mom, as always you are the best. We love our hotel. Just Kidding. We love you tons and are glad that you came back with us for Christmas. Travel is always great but so is being home and as you can see....we are pooped. No more major travel for a while.

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