Thursday, December 27, 2007

Danish Christmas Eve with the Andersons

One of the things I love about the holidays are traditions. I want to share some of the Anderson traditions with you. Phil, my father-in-law, went to Denmark on his mission. And ever since, their family has celebrated the holidays with a Danish twist. Christmas Eve, we get together and have a traditional Danish dinner with pork, potatoes, red cabbage, potato chips, and gravy. It's a lot of fun. Then we read the Christmas story, each person reading aloud in their own mission tongue. It really makes you remember why we celebrate Christmas. The part that we can share with you a little more easily is Pastry. The week before Christmas the girls go to Mother Anderson's house and make cream cheese and almond Danish pastries. It's a great time to spend talking and laughing as a family. And then the best part is that you get to eat a really yummy treat.

Phil pulling the pork out of the oven.

Brittany setting the table for our special meal.

Chuck is helping by getting the kids all riled up.

Mom is stirring the potatoes and we are just about ready to eat.

Santa came early this's a good thing too because I don't know if all the presents would have fit under the tree.

Daniel and Lisa got my a longhorn tablecloth and they got Orson an Aggies beanie and coffee mug. It was funny they said that the Aggie stuff was just in case she wanted to go to the "dark side" sometime.

Our little snow angel....I love the pom pom on top.

Hurry Santa, Hurry!

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