Monday, December 17, 2007

Her First Vacation

I'm sure this is going to take me some time to get you all updated but here's a start. Savannah and I just got back from our trip to California and Oregon. We were gone for two weeks and we had a great time but are glad to be home with Daddy. Our first part of the trip we were in California. We got together with some of my friends. We went to Disneyland. And we took pictures with our new cousins. So, here goes the photo journal.

The Proud Grandma with two of her babies. This is the second night we were there. Beth and I had gone grocery shopping and left mom with the kids. She loved every minute of it, until we got home and they were fussy. We were upstairs setting up the room and stuff so we all had places to sleep and grandma sent my older niece up to let us know that the babies were hungry and we sent her down with a message for grandma in reply. So down she went three year old little sassiness intact, placed her hands on her hip and said..."Good Luck Grandma!."

This is my friend Cindy, we've known each other since junior high. It was fun to get together with our three, almost four kids. We went to Jo-anns fabric with Beth and bought material to make nursing covers, which by the way turned out really cute. I'll post pics of my sewing projects later.

Can you believe that I got them both smiling. Erik is nine days older than Savannah. And as you can see has a ton of red hair.

Starting out at a little over 6 pounds Erik has already surpassed our little girl...he's over 11 pounds now. She looks so little compared to him.

Her first Carousel ride.
Although due to some silly drama she didn't actually get to ride.
Thanks for helping Aurora.

Aurora, Savannah, Beth and Erik on the Disneyland Carousel.

The whole gang with Mrs. Claus.
I loved her costume, and she really was the best Mrs. Claus I have seen.

A trip to Disneyland can't be complete without a visit with the man himself.

Her first picture with Santa. Isn't she adorable in her little Christmas outfit.

Mommy and Savannah in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. They outdid themselves this year. It looked amazing. And as you notice she didn't really care.

All cozy and warm bundled in Erik's blanket. We were waiting for the Christmas parade.

Aurora watching the parade. I think she liked it...what about you.

So, that in picture was the first leg of our trip. We've got tons to share with everyone so keep checking back as I will include the rest of the trip later.

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Katz said...

aurora is HUGE! i haven't seen her since she was itty bitty!

i'm glad you guys had a good time. your mom looks so happy to have the little ones around.